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Open-source software for managing health supply chains

In this section you will learn:

  • About OpenLMIS
  • How various African countries implement OpenLMIS


OpenLMIS has improved the delivery of medical commodities to patients. It has been used to reduce the rates of stockouts, save time on orders and contribute to a more efficient supply chain.

OpenLMIS is open-source software that offers the following key functions and benefits:

  • Automates the requisition lifestyle: support for requisitioning, approving, packing, shipping, and delivery with automated notifications
  • Reduces support costs: a web-based system that eliminates the need to install desktop applications
  • Centralises reporting across all levels: easy access to system-wide data
  • Improves data accuracy by automatically calculates replenishment quantities which saves time

OpenLMIS has been implemented in eight countries across Africa

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