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In this section you will learn:

  • The benefits of Logistimo
  • How the Zambian Ministry of Health outsourced an eLMIS system to Logistimo for the vaccine supply chain


Logistimo is an eLMIS service designed to automate supply chain functions, connect remote communities and encourage optimal decisions – not only for efficiency but also to grow and leverage partner networks. It offers tools to enhance reporting on supply chain activities such as inventory management, order management, cold chain monitoring, performance monitoring, transporter management, and vehicle routing. Logistimo assists end-to-end transparency and functionality to ensure essential products arrive at their intended end-point.

Outsourcing the digitisation of the immunisation supply chain in Zambia

Vaccine inventory in Zambia was previously managed by a paper-based system. This made it difficult for supply chain managers to track down and obtain the necessary information. By the time information was made accessible to decisionmakers, it was out-of-date, making it challenging to access last mile demand.

The Zambian Ministry of Health partnered with the World Health Organisation and the United Nations International Children’s Fund to implement the Logistimo service. Logistimo’s suite of web and mobile apps has been used to guarantee real-time visibility, demand aggregation and reduction in order processing times. Outsourcing benefitted the Zambian Ministry of Health by providing access to a tried and tested eLMIS.

Logistimo has allowed the Zambian Ministry of Health to:

  • Introduce new vaccines into the supply chain
  • Establish higher services levels
  • Reduce delivery lead times
  • Enjoy increased network-wide transparency