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Working Conditions considerations across the Process Steps

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to apply Working Conditions considerations across the Process Steps
  • The recommended Working Conditions tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each Process Step

Outcomes in the Working Conditions pathway ensure supervisors have the competence and skills to establish a safe work environment and implement critical policies that build a favourable social and emotional environment, including Equal Employment Opportunity and anti-harassment policies. Leaders and supervisors are responsible for establishing and maintaining an organisational culture that supports a favourable social and emotional environment with a problem solving solution-focused culture. Research consistently links positive emotional work environments with better performance, quality, and customer service. Availing resources necessary for a safe, clean physical environment is fundamental to establishing Working Conditions that support optimal performance. Some elements of Working Conditions are cross-cutting across all four Process Steps. The Working Conditions pathway assumes:

  • working conditions support performance. Better physical, social, and emotional working conditions increase productivity and improve performance among supply chain workers.
  • Motivating employees is a combination of fulfilling their job expectations and putting in place workplace factors that enhance their job satisfaction.
  • The key to an efficient workforce is providing a safe work environment and supporting employee motivation and satisfaction.

How Working Conditions interact with each Process Step

Explore how Working Conditions interacts with each Process Step and the recommended tools by clicking ‘Find out more’.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Working Conditions

You can use the following KPIs to measure progress towards achieving expected outcomes (see the People that Deliver library of competencies and designations for more KPIs).

  • Percentage of staff who feel that their working conditions positively support performance.
  • Percentage of staff who report having all of the necessary and relevant tools to perform their jobs.
  • Percentage of staff who feel positively that their organisation is committed to maintaining a fair and respectful workplace.
  • Percentage of supervisors who have received training on establishing a safe and clean work environment.