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Enabler Tool

Advocacy and governance

This tool will help you develop buy-in to and support for the outsourcing process from a range of key stakeholders

In this section you will learn:

  • How to develop an advocacy process
  • Which stakeholders to engage in the advocacy process
  • How to communicate with all stakeholders

Advocacy and governance are Enabler Tools that contribute to the success of outsourcing initiatives. Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group that aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions. It seeks to establish early commitment, approval and support from key stakeholders to engage in a particular project or initiative in a substantial manner. This contributes to the success and sustainability of outsourcing initiatives. It is important to ensure the advocacy process is established upfront, that communication is clear and understood and to be consistent throughout the project timeline for improved trust and confidence between stakeholders.

Advocacy and governance will guide you through:

Stakeholder expectations of the advocacy process

Three guidelines for advocacy processes and tools

Examples of governance structure and communication platforms

The Advocacy and governance tool will help you:

  • Analyse a list of relevant stakeholders from both public and private sectors, and donor partners
  • Decide on which stakeholders to engage based on known benefits
  • Identify appropriate ways to engage stakeholders
  • Share the advocacy process and timelines with stakeholders

While using the Advocacy and governance tool you will:

  • Need the list of key stakeholders with purpose and benefits, your workplan and terms of reference document and an agenda with a ‘third-party’ approach
  • Be required to hold a high-level workshop for early stakeholder buy-in
  • Have to set up project management and organisation structures
  • Communicate ways of working and reporting to all stakeholders

Team and role requirements

Advocacy and governance require you to have a thorough understanding of the roles performed and benefits brought by each stakeholder to the project. The key stakeholders and their roles and purpose will be discussed on the next page.

After using the Advocacy and governance tool you will:

  • Have an understanding of who the stakeholders are
  • Know why consistent stakeholder engagement is important
  • Understand how to implement an advocacy process from project sign-off to completion
  • Be able to refer to examples where governance structures and communication have worked