High-level vendor assessment

The high-level vendor assessment helps with initial reviews and selection of suppliers.

In this section you will learn:

  • The process of vendor selection using a high-level vendor assessment matrix
  • How to use the high-level vendor assessment matrix using an example

How to select a supplier

The purpose of the high-level vendor assessment is to assess in-country capability that may or may not be available to meet the functional need. The process is not closed and remains subject to strict public procurement law. The review provides an initial assessment ahead of the issuance of a full Request for Proposal (RFP) which will be discussed further in Process Step: Contract.

The initial vendor assessment typically requires reviewing potential in-country vendors against four key criteria:

  • Functional expertise
  • Past performance
  • Financial stability
  • Cost-saving potential

Vendor assessment matrix

Supplier selection uses a vendor assessment matrix to perform initial reviews of supplier group capabilities and concludes with a high-level vendor assessment to determine available capabilities for an activity. A vendor assessment matrix has three steps:

Step 1: Vendor evaluation

Detailed scoping of the specification of the services required.

Develop a list of potential vendors and explore interest among supplier group. If no local candidates then consider looking outside the country for options.

Step 2: Functional assessments

Determine selection criteria and prepare a high-level assessment of available and willing in-country vendors.

Build an initial set of specifications of services and requirements in the functional area or activity to be outsourced.

Develop a high-level vendor assessment matrix to facilitate the initial selection process. Incorporate service level capability, technical expertise, financial stability, geographical coverage and estimated cost.

3. Vendor matrix

Initiate a review of potential suppliers against an initial, simplified and high-level vendor assessment matrix.

Develop a vendor list in accordance with strict public procurement laws. This provides preparation for the issuance of the full RFP in the Contract Step.