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Enabler Tool


This tool will help you determine the opportunity for technologies and systems that can be outsourced to enhance supply chain performance.

In this section you will learn:

  • Determine the opportunity for systems and technologies to be outsourced
  • How to use different technologies to manage supply chain

The purpose of Enabler Tool Technology is to determine the opportunity for technologies and systems that can be outsourced to enhance supply chain performance. These include resources that support management functions with respect to reporting, visibility and routing to further improve and strengthen supply chains.

We do this by prioritising technology platforms:

  1. Visibility and Analytics Network (VAN)
  2. Electronic Logistics Management Information Systems (eLMIS)
  3. Route optimisation tools

For this Enabler Tool, you will need a sound understanding of existing reporting processes, current data flow and the level of performance of management information systems to support current supply chain management functions. This will form a basis to develop opportunities to review external outsourced solutions.

In the Technology tool you will find:

Visibility and Analytics Network

Electronic Logistics Management Information Systems

Route optimisation tools

Technology will help you answer:

  • What supply chain systems and technologies exist?
  • The effectiveness of systems to support demand planning, forecasting, procurement?
  • What levels of visibility and reporting exist at a national, regional and facility level?
  • What opportunities exist to outsource specific systems to the private sector to close performance gaps?

For the Technology tool you will need:

  • Inputs and scores from Assess (Process Step 1)
  • A thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of under-performing functional areas and KPIs (e.g. availability, wastage, on-time, in-full)
  • Determination of system and/or technology gaps in specific functions and/or the end-to-end supply chain network

Technology requires you to form a project work team.

To understand the way that you can apply technology to significantly enhance supply chain efficiency you will need to develop a project work team with expertise in technology and systems. You might need to build appropriate in-house capacity.

After working through Technology you will know:

  • How to make a clear assessment of supply chain technology effectiveness using a gap analysis
  • How to develop an investment case for outsourcing specific systems and/or technologies
  • How to do a sound review appropriate third-party options
  • How to onboard and align key stakeholders toward a vendor engagement process