Introduction to Enabler Tools

The Enabler Tools support the Process Steps to allow for a smoother quicker transition to successful outsourcing.

As you work through the Enabler Tools, you will learn:

  • How relevant public policy, national laws and regulations assist or hinder outsourcing
  • How to implement advocacy and governance practices and tools that enhance senior management buy-in to outsourcing and build an enabling environment
  • How to develop human resources and capacities, developing organisational structure in order to manage a successful outsourced relationship with people inside and outside your organisation
  • How identifying and utilising systems and technology can enhance reporting, visibility, decision-making and supply chain performance

The four Enabler Tools are cross-cutting and can be used throughout the outsourcing process.

About the Enabler Tools

The foundation blocks of the Outsourcing Toolkit framework are the Enabler Tools. They cover the supporting Policy, Advocacy and governance, People and Technology tools and guides used to enhance and assist the Process Steps.

Key questions each Enabler Tool is answering

Like the Process Steps, the Enabler Tools have been designed to answer common problems in supply chain outsourcing. Identifying the questions that you are looking for answers to, can help you determine which Enabler Tool to use.

  • What polices exist that positively or negatively impact outsourcing?
  • What outsourcing practices have enhanced supply chain performance and created collaborative partnerships?
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
  • How is outsourcing viewed within government?
  • What engagement processes can enhance public-private communications and trust?
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
  • How to transition the current workforce?
  • How to manage the impact of change?
  • What reforms are needed?
  • What internal skills are needed to manage third-parties?
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
  • How to make use of systems and technologies for effective outsourcing arrangements
  • What systems and technology can be outsourced to improve reporting, visibility and strengthen supply chains?