About the Outsourcing Toolkit framework

The process steps, enabler tools and tool guides are hosted in a simple framework for structure and ease of reference.

On this page you will learn:

  • The Outsourcing Toolkit framework
  • Four sequential Process Steps that build on each other to result in successful outsourcing
  • How to use the four Enabler Tools that support the delivery of the process steps
  • How to navigate the framework and Outsourcing Toolkit
  • Hints and tips for navigating the Outsourcing Toolkit and website

The Outsourcing Toolkit framework

Understanding the framework

The outsourcing toolkit is composed of four process steps and four cross-cutting enabler tools. The toolkit framework demonstrates the sequence of the Process Steps, supported by the Enabler Tools.

What is a Process Step?

The Process Steps constitute the end-to-end process of outsourcing from assessing, evaluating, contracting, to implementing. These sections are the sequential steps to the outsourcing process and contain guide, tools and guidelines to inform and guide decision making in the outsourcing context. The Process Steps form the pillars of the Outsourcing Toolkit.

What is an Enabler Tool?

The enabler tools are the foundational supporting blocks to the outsourcing toolkit. They cover the supporting Policy, Advocacy and Governance, People and Technology tools and guides used to enhance and assist the Process Steps. The Enabler Tools are cross-cutting and can be used throughout the Outsourcing Toolkit.

How is the outsourcing framework composed?

The Outsourcing Toolkit framework shows the structural relationship between the Process Steps and Enabler Tools. The sequence of Process Steps is supported by the Enabler Tools. Using a ‘house’ analogy, the process steps are the ‘pillars’ of the house and the Enabler Tools are the ‘foundations’ supporting the house for outsourcing.

How do I navigate the framework?

The framework is a guide to help move from a review to successful implementation for outsourcing. The framework takes you through three phases:


The Process Steps 1 – Assess – and 2 – Evaluate – define the ‘What’ activities for outsourcing:

  • What is the current healthcare supply chain structure and level of performance?
  • What problem or opportunity could be addressed by outsourcing?
  • What functional area provides an opportunity for participation?
  • What choices need to be made to build the investment case?

Expected outcomes

The Process Steps 3 – Contract – and 4 – Implement – define the ‘How’ activities for outsourcing. How to:

  • On-board key internal stakeholders
  • Brief and develop a request for proposal
  • Conduct effective vendor evaluations
  • Craft and develop the contract
  • Manage the transition to a vendor successfully
  • Effectively implement key performance indicators (KPI’s) and performance metrics
  • Implement appropriate management and oversight processes and structures

Support for the process

  • The Enabler Tools support the entire outsourcing process
  • Throughout the toolkit, the Enabler Tools support the Process Steps
  • Connections between the Process Steps and their supporting Enabler Tools are shown in each introductory page
  • The Enabler Tools enhance, strengthen and bolster the delivery of each Process Step

Hints and tips

Where to start?

Start with Process Step 1, Assess. You can skip Assess and go to Evaluate if a well-documented supply chain assessment has been completed in the last two years or if there's a well-established understanding of why and what the organisation wants to outsource. For completeness, we suggest studying the Enabler Tools and/or associated Process Steps that pre-sequence, follow or connect with that section.

Where to find tools, guides and examples?

There are relevant tools, guides, processes, examples within the Process Steps and/or Enabler Tool sections. If you'd like to make sure that you've covered everything in the Outsourcing Toolkit you can use the Tool Index as a checklist. For a complete list of the guidelines, tools, process and practices included in the Process Steps and Enabler Tools go to the Tool Index.


We want this Outsourcing Toolkit to meet your needs. Please share any feedback, tools or case studies with us.