Specialised Toolkit: Pharmacy

The toolkit for effective outsourcing to pharmacies

In this section, you will learn:

  • What the retail pharmacy outsourcing toolkit framework looks like

The retail pharmacy toolkit is hosted in a framework of sequential Process Steps and Enabler Tools. The process steps describe the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of an outsourcing initiative. The Enabler Tools are cross-cutting and support the Process Steps.

The retail pharmacy outsourcing toolkit framework8

Process Steps

These are sequential along the retail pharmacy model journey and are described as follows:

Assess the government and ministry of health sentiment to outsourcing, the current healthcare landscape, and the outsourcing opportunity for utilising pharmacies.

Design or select a retail pharmacy drug distribution model and evaluate the investment case to determine the qualitative and financial implications.

Define your outsourcing arrangement parameters and create contractual agreements with pharmacies and other outsourcing partners.

Develop and transition capabilities, establish performance management and governance procedures.

Enabler Tools

These support the delivery of the Process Steps, described as follows:

OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit

Understanding relevant public policies, national laws, and regulations regarding outsourcing distribution to pharmacies.

Implementing practices and tools that enhance senior management buy-in to outsourcing and build an enabling environment.

Building human resource capacity and capability, developing an organisational structure to manage a successful outsourced relationship.

Identifying and utilising systems and technology to enhance dispensing, reporting, visibility, decision-making, and performance management.

8Source: Lighthouse Team Analysis 2020.