Specialised toolkit: Laboratory services

The toolkit for outsourcing laboratory services

In this section, you will learn:

  • What the outsourcing toolkit framework for laboratory services looks like

The toolkit is hosted in a framework of sequential Process Steps and Enabler Tools. The process steps assist decision-making and implementation of outsourcing, while the enablers facilitate along the journey.

The outsourcing toolkit framework for laboratory services10

Process Steps

These are sequential along the outsourcing journey:

Develop a baseline understanding of laboratory performance against optimisation to determine whether a functional outsourcing opportunity exists.

Review of outsourcing possibilities using benchmarking tools, financial and performance analysis to support decision-making.

Processes to select a suitable vendor, negotiate a win-win contract that considers functional complexity, and define the management oversight structures.

Successful transitioning of the organisation to an outsourced partner, implementing technical performance management and governance procedures.

Enabler Tools

These support the delivery of the Process Steps:

OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit
OSTKonline, OSTK, outsourcing toolkit

Understand relevant policies, regulations, standards, and procedures concerning laboratory services.

Implement practices and tools that enhance senior management buy-in to outsourcing and build an enabling environment.

Build human resources and capacities to perform technical laboratory functions concerning the outsourced arrangement.

Identify and utilise systems and technology to enhance technical logistics, reporting, analysis, and performance management.

10Source: Lighthouse Team Analysis 2020.