Who developed the Outsourcing Toolkit?

The Outsourcing Toolkit project was launched in May 2020 by the Africa Resource Centre (ARC) with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Development of version 1.0 received inputs from stakeholders across five African countries.

Phase I held 50+ interviews over 14 weeks with key stakeholders from the public sector, donor partners, implementing partners, and the private sector across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia.

Stakeholders shared inputs, examples, and case studies from their outsourcing experiences to shape the Outsourcing Toolkit. This provided a rigorous, consultative and practical development process for the Outsourcing Toolkit.

Key contributors to this tool kit:

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of a number of individuals:

Abdunoor Nyombi, National TB Reference Laboratory/Supranational Reference Laboratory (SRL) (Public Sector), Pharmacist for the SRL | Abiola Tubi, Nigeria National TB Programme & Global Laboratory Initiative of World Health Organisation (WHO), Medical Microbiologist Laboratory Consultant | Albert Ntiringaniza (Dr), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Supply Chain Management Specialist | Alfons van Woerkom, Cross-Donor Supply Chain Secretariat, Lead Secretariat | Alvaro Lopes, VillageReach, TSS Manager | Anastasia Nyalita (Dr), Kenya Healthcare Federation, CEO Kenya Health Federation | Andrew Jones, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Supply Chain Lead | Andrew Nsubuga, Beyond Logistics, Director Client Value Creation | Andrew Nyandigisi (Dr), Health Strat, CEO Healthstrat | Ani Prajith, Phillips Pharmaceuticals (Uganda) Ltd, Director Head of Sales and Marketing | Ann Allen, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Program Officer, Supply Chain Systems | Anthony Doyle, Lighthouse Strategic Leadership (LSL), Senior Consultant: OSTK Project Lead, Specialist in Strategy, Logistics and Route to Market | Anthony Okoth, Africa Resource Centre (ARC) Kenya, Kenya Country Director | Antoine Masekwe, USAID, USAID DRC Supply Chain coordinator | Arsène Ouedraogo (Dr), Stop TB / Global Drug Facility, Regional Technical Advisor | Babacar Lo, USAID, Health officer | Badisson Zeade, ARC West Africa, Senior Supply Chain Manager | Bali Bako, Global Health Supply Chain - Procurement and Supply Chain Management (GHSC-PSM), GHSC-PSM Health Logistician | Barry Chovitz, USAID, Health System Strengthening Technical Director, Leadership & Governance | Ben Chirwa (Dr), EQUIP, Deputy Chief of Party | Binyah Kesselly, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Director, Strategy, Innovation & Deployment | Bonface Fundafunda, ARC, Eastern & Southern Africa Regional Lead | Boubacar Mody Drame, ARC West Africa, Program Officer | Bridget Barnard, Pfizer, Cluster Lead Global Supply Chain, Sub Saharan Africa | Bridget McHenry, USAID, Senior Organizational Development Advisor, Commodity Security & Logistics Division Office of Population & Reproductive | Bronwyn Timm, ARC, Strategy and Partnership Lead | Bruce Harbottle, Believ Content Agency, Creative Director | Carren Oyayo, International Federation Red Cross Society (IFRC), Procurement Officer | Chakib Benabid, Bolloré, Branch Manager | Charles Lwanga (Dr), USAID Mission, Pharmacist, KEMSA Alt COR | Chikuta Mbewe, Medical Stores Ltd (MSL), Managing Director, MSL | Chipopa Kazuma, MSL, Director of Programmes: Operations Director - MSL | Chris Larson, UPS, Director, Customer Solutions | Chris Masila (Dr), PractHealth Consulting Ltd, Senior Partnerships and Health Systems Consultant | Cyrus Gray, USAID/GHSC-PSM, Supply Chain Advisor / Activity Manager USAID HTLT Office | Dalkoi Lamboni (Dr), Direction De La Pharmacie Dumedicaments Et Des Laboratoires (DPML): Togo, Head of Pharmacy Division | Damas Brou, USAID, Supply Chain and Logistics Advisor | Damien Koussoube, ARC West Africa, Enabler | Dan Keim, UPS, Director, Humanitarian Logistics | Danielle Hodjo (Dr), Ministry of Helath: Côte d'Ivoire, Pharmaceutical Business Management (Pharmacist) | Darshan Mehta, Phillips Pharmaceutical Group, Director of Phillips Pharmaceutical Group (Dubai) | Denis Karaga, ARC, Focal Point | Denis Oola, National TB Reference Laboratory/Supranational Reference Laboratory (SRL) (Public Sector), Operations Officer for the SRL | Dennis Chali, USAID, Director - Procurement and Supply Management | Edna Kirigia, International Federation Red Cross Society (IFRC), Logistics Officer | Edward Llewellyn, ARC, Supply Chain Director (SC Technical Lead) | Eleanor Ayebare, Beyond Logistics, Business Solutions Specialist | Eliud Muriithi, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), Director, Commercial Services | Ephraim Mafuru, Illovo, S&D director SSA, Group Sales Manager / Group Head of Sales | Eric Lugada, Ministry of Health: Uganda, Chief of Party: Strengthening Supply Chain Systems | Eric Sanchez, Bollore, Senior VP for Africa | Eulalie Oga-Guehi, ARC West Africa, Focal Point | Frankline Keter, ARC, Research and Capacity Building Lead | Gaston M. Hounsi, CAMEG-TOGO, Administrative and Financial Director | Gerald Jackson, Microsoft, Sr. Director, IoT Security | Habib N’Konou, Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant | Harshal Harkinson, Procter & Gamble, Southern Africa Senior Supply Chain Director | Heidi O'Bra, USAID Mission, Deputy Division Chief for HIV | Hendrik Labuschagne, LSL, Senior Consultant: Supply Chain and Logistics Management | Hilton Snyder, Johnson & Johnson, Global Health Senior Manager - Africa Operations (HIV/AIDS) | Hudson Balidawa (Dr), Ministry of Health: Uganda, SCRT: Public Health & Monitoring Evaluation Specialist, ACP Programme | Ibnou Diaw, ARC West Africa, West Africa Regional Director | Ilaria Marches, Cross-Donor Supply Chain Secretariat, Process & Report Analysis | Innocent Ibegbunam, USAID, Country Director | Irène Ngendakumana (Dr), USAID, Malaria Program management specialist - PMI team | Ivin Chibanda, RightToCare, Senior Technical Support Specialist | Jade Giese, LSL, Associate Consultant: Business Analyst, Project and Communications Manager | James Batuka, ARC, Senior Health Consultant – Health Supply Chain | James Flood, Frontline and Project Last Mile, Senior Project Manager and Geo-Mapping Specialist | James Riungu, Chemonics (Afya Ugavi), COP – UGAVI / Supply Chain Technical Advisor | Jason Williams, USAID, Health Science Specialist, Senior Laboratory Advisor | Jean De Dieu Iragena, WHO Regional Office for Africa, Technical Officer: TB, Hepatitis, HIV | Jim (James) Coughlan, United Parcel Services (UPS), Loaned Executive | Jiru Bako, Chemonics, Deputy Country Director, Programs Operations | Joaquim Durao (Dr), Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant | Joe Khalani, Central Medical Stores Trust, Director of Pharmaceutical | Joe Theart, Imperial Logistics, Distributor Executive: SADC East and African Regions | John Kabuchi, Ministry of Health: Kenya, Supply Chain Officer with the Division of Health Products and Technologies (HPT) | John Ochieng, DHL (DHL Global Forwarding), Key Account Specialist- Kenya - Business Development Manager Aid & Relief- East Africa Region | José Neves, Project Last Mile, PLM: Project Delivery Lead | Joseph Mehdeh, Riders for Health, Country Director | Joseph Roussel, VillageReach, Director & Group Lead, Private Sector Engagement | Julia Bem, USAID, Senior Supply Chain Advisor | Kagnonon Aice Coulibaly (Dr), Ministry of Helath: Côte d'Ivoire, Pharmaceutical Activity Management (Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Sector Support Officer) | Kameko Nichols, The Nichols Group LLC, Africa, Owner and Principal Consultant | Karan Sagar, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, Head (Senior Specialist) Health System and Immunisation Strengthening | Karlan Jankowski, USAID Mission, Supply Chain Management Advisor | Kayode Ajayi, Riders for Health, Country Manager | Kelly Badiane, USAID, Supply Chain Advisor | Kelly Pienaar, Believ Content Agency, Junior Graphic Designer | Kevin Pilz, USAID, Senior Supply Chain Advisor | Laura Simpkins, Pfizer, EMEA Project Manager | Le Beau Taljaard, ARC, Operations Lead ARC Uganda | Leah Hasselback, USAID, Senior Commodities and Supply Chain Advisor | Lindi Marais, Believ Content Agency, Graphic Designer | Lissa Dianor, ARC West Africa, Program Officer | Lubinda Nyambe, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Zambia, Program Manager, HIV Access Program | Luc Angwenyi, Freight in Time (FiT), Country Manager | Lucille Bonaventure, VillageReach, Chief of Party: Last Mile Supply Chain (LMSC) | Lynda Achieng, ARC, Programme Coordinator-Kenya | Marasi Mwencha, The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund), Head of Supply Chain | Marie Laure Bolaty (Dr), Ministry of Helath: Côte d'Ivoire, Pharmaceutical Activity Management (Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Sector Support Officer) | Marlon Banda, Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), Director Technical Services CHAZ | Martin Oteba, Ministry of Health: Uganda, Deputy Director and Technical Lead | Matar Niang, National Pharmacy - PNA (Senegal), Technical Advisor Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation National Supply Pharmacy (NSP) | Matar Niang, The Global Fund, Specialist: Supply Chain | Matthew Barnes, U.S. Department of State, Senior Advisor for Strategy | Matthew Wattleworth, USAID, Senior Laboratory Systems Advisor | Mazwi Dzapasi, ARC, Analyst | Merlin Pillay, Project Last Mile, CCMDD Head and Coordinator | Mme Nancy Lowenthal, USAID, Country Representative (Côte d'Ivoir) | Mohamed Lamine Sarr, Ministry of Health: Senegal, Statistical Engineer DPRS | Moses Muputisi, The Global Fund, Specialist: Supply Chain | N'guessan Jean, The Global Fund, Global Fund Country Team (Organisational TA) | Nancy Amony, FiT, Program and Project Manager | Ndeye Maty Kebe, ARC West Africa, Financial Operation Assistant | Nicola Doyle, LSL, Senior Consultant: Specialist in Research, Public Policy and Economics | Nils Vanwassenhove, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), West Africa Head | Nyansa T.A. Bernardin (Dr), DPML: Togo, Director | Olusoji Bolajoko, The Global Fund, Supply Chain Specialist | Onome Dibosa-Osadolor, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, Senior Manager, Supply Chain - Health Systems & Immunisation Strengthening | Patrick Hughes, LSL, Senior Consultant: Specialist in Business Analytics and Financial Modelling | Paul Bitarabeho, ARC, Operations Lead ARC Uganda | Paul Njala, Beyond Logistics, Managing Director | Paul Okware, National Medical Stores (Kenya), Chief Operations Officer | Pedro Mamba Machere, PSM, PSM Procurement & Supply Management International | Phil Roberts, Project Last Mile, Independent Consultant | Pierre Tchamdja (Dr), ARC, Focal Point | Piet le Grange, Medswana, CEO | Rabson Zyambo, USAID Mission, Senior Supply Chain Advisor | Rachel Duncan (Dr), Ministry of Health: Togo, Management of the Pharmaceutical Activity (Director) | Rachidate Zeba, ARC West Africa, Enabler | Raj Thakrar, Translink, Managing Director | Rakesh Vinayak, Surgipharm (Kenya), Director | Ricardo Missihoun, USAID, Senior Supply Chain Management Advisor (DRC) | Ricardo Munguambe, CMAM-Armazém Intermediário de Vilankulo, Private Consultant | Richard Mtisi, Sky Pharmaceuticals, Managing Director | Rinaldo Santos, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Manager, Value Chain Management | Rizwan Safdar, The Global Fund, Supply Chain Specialist | Rob Stewart, Sky Pharmaceuticals, Finance and Operations Director (Zimbabwe) | Robert Kimbui, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Supply Chain Manager, SSA, Global Public Health | Rumbani Sidira, Ministry of Health: Malawi, Chief Biomedical Engineer, Health Technical Support Services (HTSS) department and Physical Assets Management (PAM) division | Rushid Settaala, Medical Access Uganda Limited (MAUL), Director of Programs | Ruth Bechtel, VillageReach, Country Director | Samira Low, DHL, Head: Aid & Relief SSA (DHL Global Forwarding) | Sandrine Gampini (Dr), OMS (Burkina Faso), EDM (Essential Drug and Medecines) Advisor | Shimelis Belaineh, The Global Fund, Specialist: Supply Chain | Sidi Coulibaly (Dr), GHSC-PSM, GHSC-PSM Deputy Country Director | Siliadin M. Koffi (Dr), UGP/FM, Head of Programmes and Health System Strengthening | Simplice Kandem, USAID, Senior Health Systems Strengthening Advisor | Sowedi Muyingo, MAUL, CEO at MAUL | Susan Meiring, SMeiring Consulting, Geo-Mapping Specialist | Suzan Nakawunde, USAID, Programme Management Specialist - Health Commodities | Tania Nyirongo, Imperial Logistics: Horizon Distributors Limited, Country Head (Zambia) | Teddy Manday, USAID, USAID Global Health Supply Chain (DRC) | Thandiwe Malambo, RightToCare, Clinical Coordinator - working with clinics and health facilities | Thobekile Nxumalo, ARC, Supply Chain Technical Manager | Thomas Brown, The World Bank, Senior Expert, Supply Chain - Global Financing Facility (GFF) | Tim Smith, DHL, Global Head of Aid & Relief (DHL Global Forwarding) | Titus Karanja, Cross-Donor Supply Chain Secretariat, Data Analyser | Trevor Hughes, LSL, Managing Director | Trunos Grison, Riders for Health, Sample Transport Specialist | Vincent Mate, RightToCare, Pharmacist - managing special unit in Zambia | Vinod Guptan, Surgipharm (Kenya), General Manager | Wendy van Eyck, Believ Content Agency, Director: Communications Specialist | William Kanweka, USAID Mission, Senior Health Advisor at USAID | Yoann-Elwyn Sydney Gosso, ARC West Africa, Consultant | Youssoupha N'diaye (Dr), Ministry of Health: Senegal, Director of Planning, Research and Statistics | Zackariya Yabre (Dr), Ministry of Health: Burkina Faso, Director General Access to Health Products (DGAP) |