This Enabler Tool provides guidelines and approaches to policy that create an enabling environment for outsourcing.

In this section you will learn:

  • How to understand the local policy and regulatory environment
  • What the guidelines, standards and regulations are for private sector (non-governmental) actors
  • How procurement policies guide your day-to-day decision making
  • How to influence outsourcing along the supply chain

This Enabler Tool references and assesses national policy, legislation and regulatory frameworks that relate to public procurement and public-private partnerships in health.

Transparent and well-defined legal and policy frameworks support synergies for public and private partners. As a result, Policy focuses on understanding the local policy and regulatory environment, the guidelines, standards and regulations for private sector (non-governmental) actors, and how these work in practice – such as how they influence (positively or negatively) outsourcing along the supply chain. Good governance creates an enabling environment for external organisations to operate.

Procurement policies underpin outsourcing arrangements. For this Enabler Tool, you’ll need a clear understanding of how procurement policies guide your day-to-day decision-making. This will ensure any outsourcing decisions reflect the overall goal of public procurement and embody the core principles.

In Policy you will find

An introduction to policy tools

Examples of effective policy tools

Policy will help you determine:

  • What policy and regulatory frameworks, most notably procurement-related, exist and influence outsourcing along the supply chain
  • Which stakeholders need to be engaged
  • What policy practices from other countries can be referenced as good practice in support of outsourcing

Working through Policy will help you with the following activities:

  • Determining relevant country policy and regulatory frameworks, specifically procurement policy as it relates to outsourcing
  • Aligning stakeholders to policy documents, standards, guidelines, regulations
  • Engaging suppliers through policy guidelines for optimised outsourcing partnerships
  • Identifying stakeholders

The Policy Enabler Tool will support you with a:

  • a comprehensive view of the benefits of deliberate and well-defined policy
  • sound understanding of local procurement policy relevant to outsourcing
  • clarity regarding private sector fit in the supply chain
  • communication of policy guidelines and standards with respect to outsourcing mandates