Select a supply chain assessment approach

In this section you will learn:

  • Three approaches available for supply chain assessment
  • Which is best suited to your current supply chain maturity level

Various supply chain assessment options exist for countries based on available resources, timeframes and need states.

For countries who have done a comprehensive supply chain assessment in the last two years:

If you have not done a comprehensive supply chain assessment in recent years, there are two choices:

Refresh approach

If you have substantive supply chain performance reports, studies, and data from recent detailed assessments (e.g. a supply chain mapping, a capability maturity model assessment) consider the refresh approach.

Light review

Conducted where a country chooses to use internal data from a limited scope of its supply chain operations — one to two functions and/or one to two geographies. Effectively a self-assessment with a narrow scope and base-level performance perspective.

Deep dive

Conducted where limited insights and understandings exist of the strengths and weaknesses of a country health supply network (both functionally and geographically) — a light review would not produce an acceptable and objective baseline of current supply chain reality.